EdPaysMN - Education Pays for Minnesota


Students invest their time and money in postsecondary education for many reasons, but one of the most important is the belief that a college degree will lead to a good job and higher salary. Taxpayers also subsidize higher education for many reasons, but they too expect their investment to yield better educated citizens who will contribute to the community in many ways, including higher wages that can better support the local and the state economy.

Tracking college graduate employment and wage outcomes has gained national and state importance in light of increasing costs of obtaining a postsecondary education coupled with the student debt burden taken on by a large number of college graduates.

This website shows the employment outcomes of recent Minnesota postsecondary graduates. Matching graduate data from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education with wage data from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development enabled the development of this web-based searchable tool.

The public can search economic outcomes of Minnesota graduates working in the state. The tool does, however, have some limitations and should be used with caution.