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Click on one of Minnesota’s Economic Development Regions (EDR) in the state map to see which institutions are located in each region and the percentage of enrolled students who are not White, age 25 and older, and are Minnesota residents at each institution.

Hovering over a region on the map shows the counties in each region. Filter by EDR, institution type, student type, and student characteristic (Ethnicity, Age, and Residency Status).

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Ethnicity: The percentage of students who are students of color.

EDR 06W - Upper Minnesota Valley

Institutions Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 Fall 2015
Minnesota West Community & Technical College* 14.2 % 15.8 % 16.5 % 17.7 % 19.4 %
EDR 06W - Upper Minnesota Valley 14.2 % 15.8 % 16.5 % 17.7 % 19.4 %
Source: Minnesota Higher Office of Education
* Institution provides combined data for multiple campuses in different cities which may be located in another planning region than shown.